A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Landgrab is competitive turn-based strategy game availible on Android devices intended for 2 - 4 players.

Players take turns buying and selling the lots of the land that comprise distant alien worlds, trying to make as much profit as they can before the bubble pops.

This project is still ongoing and likely to change drastically during it's lifespan:

  • much of the artwork is placeholder and will be replaced as I remember how to draw,
  • many stages and characters have yet to be properly conceived,
  • I'm not completely happy with how some systems currently function.

I have been working on the same project for sometime now in one way or another, and would prefer to do something else for a while. Landgrab will see occasional updates, but don't expect it to be finished anytime soon.

Install instructions

The Android version of this game is not currently available from the Google Play Store.

To play this on an Android device, download the .apk file listed below with your device, allow the installation of non-market apps within your device's developer options (sometimes listed as apps from unknown sources), then run the .apk file.


build0.exe 15 MB
build0.apk 48 MB